2018 Year in Review

Wow… 2018 is coming to a close, already. Can you believe it? I feel like this year just whipped by (but don’t they always?).

I had the pleasure of working with SO MANY amazing clients this year. From engagements to weddings to intimate portraits, foster cat portraits, and even my first ever bridal session right at the end of my summer shooting season. So many beautiful albums, prints, and wall art left my home studio this year to be enjoyed for years by my clients.

Thank you for your support.

A few years ago I never would have dreamed of the successes I saw in 2018 and I have each and everyone of my wonderful clients to thank for that. I also have to take a second to thank my amazing fiancé Shawn for all the support that he’s given me since coming into my life. Before we met, I was pretty close to being ready to give up on my dream of a career in photography. I’d struggled for years trying to get my own business up and running, while working for someone else in the industry.

A year ago this month I resigned from that job and started putting all my focus into my own business. Shawn supported us both while I struggled for months trying to find a foothold of my own in the industry. I thought I’d failed. I’d left my last job too early. I didn’t think I could make it work.

You know that feeling when the wheels you’ve been spinning for years and years finally catches that tiny little bit of grip, and you feel the car jerk forward just a little bit? That happened to me earlier this year. So I held on for dear life. Oh boy did I ever hold on.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for my business and the future clients that I have yet to meet! Here’s to more couples in love, beautiful women, and cat portraits galore!!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favourites from this year. Let me know in the comments, which session was your favourite out of the bunch?



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