2019 Year in Review: Regina Boudoir Photographer

What a wild ride this year has been! Much like last year, I’ve decided to do a 2019 year in review from all the sessions I shot this year.

This year brought so many changes to my studio, to my career, and to my personal life, too. We moved from our teeny little home studio apartment to our amazing new space in the warehouse district, a loft in an old warehouse building. I decided to close my books to weddings and everything else, and only shoot boudoir. At least for the foreseeable future.  Why? Because I think maybe I’ve *finally* found the place that lights my soul on fire.

In January of this year I also started to see a therapist and if that’s something you’re considering doing, too – I want to reassure you that it was the best decision I made this entire year. I finally, FINALLY, was able to process the trauma caused by my past. As a result, I discovered so much more about myself. I also discovered how much deeper the underlying issues in my life really went. I’m finally working out my shit. Therapy is good for that.

Thank you.

To all of the amazing, beautiful humans that have stepped in front of my lens this year, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s because of your continued support that I’ve been able to make these dreams for my studio come true. You empower me to be a better person, to be a voice for people that maybe can’t speak up for themselves. To speak out about body issues, body shaming, and general bullshittery. I can assure you, this is something I never thought would be possible for me. Thank you for trusting me. For allowing me to show you that you are beautiful regardless of what the media has led you to believe.

What’s next?

I have many things in the works for 2020 and I’m GIDDY with excitement to announce what I have coming next. But most importantly? The one thing I’m looking forward to the most in 2020 is marrying the love of my life, Shawn. After all I’ve been through, to find someone that treats me the way he does, well… it makes me very excited to see what our future together holds. Because I know as a team that we can accomplish anything. I love you Babe. ❤️

Keep scrolling to see all the images for my 2019 year in review! Below you’ll find one of my favourite images from each of my sessions this year. The clients of mine below represent only a small portion of all the amazing faces that graced my studio this year. Due to the nature of boudoir sessions, I don’t always get permission from clients to share images from their sessions. So, here’s a selection from each of the beautiful babes that have allowed me use of their images.


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