Boudoir at Forty: Time Well Spent

When I asked miss T to sum up her boudoir at forty shoot with me in 3 words, she said “Time well spent”.

a woman, the photograph is black and white and in the image she is covering one eye with her hand, her chin is pointed upwards and her eyes are closed

This shoot wasn’t her first in my Regina, SK boudoir studio, and T has since made a habit of returning every year for her birthday. I call these kinds of clients my “serial offenders” and I love working with return clients so much! The first shoot is always a little more nerve wracking from the client side because even with all the preparation in the world, you’ll still feel nervous when you arrive (which is totally normal, by the way!). Those nerves will go away not long into the shoot. When I have return clients however, they already know what to expect from the day because they’ve done it before. Rather than erring on the more conservative side, outfits are often much more daring or even completely forgotten entirely!

Boudoir at Forty

a photograph of a woman during a boudoir session, she is wearing a marijuana leaf two piece lingerie set, in one image she is sitting smiling with a grey cat on the black satin sheets, the other image she is laying back against the bed, back arched, and legs bent

Miss T decided to treat herself to a birthday boudoir session at forty because she really wanted beautiful and professional photos of herself. She’s becoming a lot more body positive recently. She looks forward to her boudoir sessions in our Regina, SK studio every year. “My favourite part is after the shoot, but before the final product, looking at all those pictures and LIKING them. And liking how I look. And having trouble picking photos because I look beautiful in all of them!”

During our first time together in my Regina, SK boudoir studio, Miss T confessed to me that she was worried her experience would be the same as the first time she did a boudoir session with another photographer. She stated she felt awkward and rushed, and didn’t feel prepared at all for the shoot.

three images of a woman during a boudoir session, in one image she sits on the hardwood floor in front of a bed with black satin sheets, her legs are to the side. In the second image she is wearing a cannabis leaf two piece lingerie set, you cannot see her face, and she has one hand covering her tattooed belly. The last image is black and white and is a close-up of the woman's mouth, she is touching one finger to her lip

“That was not my experience with Erika at all! There is so much communication! A phone call to start, emails throughout letting you know what to expect and ideas on what to wear. Tips to stretch so you’re not sore after. Then you are invited into her home and pampered with hair and makeup and good conversation 🙂 Erika helps every step of the way; helping with outfits, and posing! all the way down to your toes. I was scared to be ‘on my own’ during the process but I was taken care of the whole way through.”

The Reveal

Three black and white images of a woman during a boudoir session, she is in the shower. In the first image she has her head turned away to the camera, she is fully nude and is holding her hands together in front of her. The second image is focused on the water drops on the shower door, she is out of focus but you can see her head is turned away from the camera. The third image she is facing the camera with her arms up in her hair, face is turned to the side.

After seeing her images, I asked Miss T how she felt seeing her images for the first time. “I am always pleasantly shocked to see myself. These photos are gorgeous! And that’s me, I’m gorgeous too!”

A boudoir session is the ultimate gift to yourself. Click here for more information on our sessions in our Regina, SK Boudoir studio




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