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So, you booked your boudoir session in my Regina warehouse loft studio, yay!! Your next question might be what to wear for your boudoir session. Don’t worry, I got you boudie babe! Here’s the thing: you can wear literally anything you want to your session. But, to make things easier, below are some of my favourite recommendations & tips on what to wear for your boudoir session.

1. Body Suits

For real, body suits are my #1 favourite thing to photograph on my clients. Why? Because they look great on literally everyone. If you’re a curvy lady, you might immediately gravitate towards items with flowy material. Here’s the thing, though… lingerie pieces with a lot of extra material can actually make you look boxy and hide your curves which is the exact opposite of what we want!

Body suits are great because they hug you in all the right places yet cover your stomach if that’s something you’re self conscious about. There are a ton of great styles ranging from full coverage to barely-there, lacy, and sheer… I highly recommend bringing at least ONE body suit to your session!

woman wearing a body suit at her boudoir session in regina

2. Matching Bra and undies set

Let’s be honest; if you’ve ever owned a matching set of bra and underwear you know how dang good it feels when you wear them. I don’t know what it is about having your underwear match but it sure gives me a little confidence boost! A matching bra and underwear set is a great addition to your boudoir wardrobe. Even something as simple as a black bra with black underwear can be super sexy when paired with a set of heels and your favourite necklace.

woman wearing matching bra and underwear set to her boudoir session

3. A garter and thigh-highs

You really can’t go wrong with a simple garter and stocking combo! Spice it up a little and bring some fishnet stockings, even! Something to keep in mind when shopping for a garter and stockings is to make sure that you don’t get the stay-up kind if you intend on wearing them with a garter. Also? It might be best to just skip the stay-ups altogether. Generally I’ve found that they don’t stay up very well to begin with and you’ll constantly be adjusting them because they roll down quite often. You’ll want to especially make sure to not get the stay-ups if you intend on using the stockings with a garter because the silicone bands can actually interfere with the garter clips and make them harder to attach. The more you know!

anonymous image of a woman wearing a garter and stockings to her boudoir session

4. A robe or oversized sweater/shirt

OK, I know that in #1 above I said to avoid items that have a lot of flowy material but hear me out. Bring a robe along to your shoot and we can play around with some movement, light, and shadow. A robe can be a fun accessory to add to your matching bra and underwear set and add some variety to your wardrobe. An oversized sweater can be a cute and fun alternative to a robe as well.

5. A note about corsets

Yep, corsets can be a really sexy addition to your boudoir session. Truly I get it! Here’s the thing to remember, though; they can make it really limiting for posing options. Arching your back in a corset? Forget it. If you want to bring a corset to your session that fits well and you really love – go for it! Just remember that we’ll be limited on posing options for that portion of your session. We’ll save the more bendy poses for another of your outfits in that case!

Another option instead of a corset would be a Bustier, which you can find several styles of in our online shop!

6. Accessorize

Don’t forget items like your favourite jewelry, shoes, fishnets, pasties, or any other items you might like to use to add a little more style to your outfits. If you don’t have any high heels or cute shoes to wear, barefoot is just as good or you can borrow from my selection of heels (don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to walk in them, just be able to keep your balance!). Bring ALL of your favourite things and I’ll help you style each outfit to its best potential.

a woman holds a bird skull necklace as part of her boudoir session wardrobe

7. Remove all those tags!

Those bright-ass pink tags are super distracting on your lingerie (looking at YOU, La Senza… 😒) and can be annoying to deal with during your shoot by constantly tucking them out of the way. It’s a lot easier to just cut them out and be done with them (and saves me a ton of work in photoshop, too!). If you forget, don’t worry, I have scissors at the studio!

8. Try everything on first!

Don’t make the mistake of buying a bunch of pretty lingerie online and not trying it on before you come in for your shoot! There’s nothing worse than putting a piece of lingerie on that you were really stoked on only to discover that it doesn’t really fit properly or you don’t feel comfortable in it. Total confidence killer. Make sure to try all of your lingerie or clothing choices on before your actual session. Of course, you’re always welcome to borrow from my growing client closet to supplement your own wardrobe!

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