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a hand holding a mobile device displaying the download page for the babes club app

Why is The Babes Club App $2.49?

When the dream of The Babes Club App started to form, initially I wanted it to be a free community; just like the Facebook group had been for so many years. There is one major thing that you don’t realise when you decide to build an app with no prior experience; and that’s how freakin […]


May 26, 2022

screenshot from The Babes Club app, which replaced The Babes Club Facebook Group

The Babes Club Facebook Group Closure

When we announced the closure of The Babes Club Facebook Group at the beginning of December, I’ll be honest – I felt an immediate sense of relief. When we announced the launch of The Babes Club App back in April of 2021, we didn’t keep it a secret that the group would be archived at […]


December 29, 2021