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nelson empowerment sessions

Nelson Empowerment Session

Nelson Empowerment Session For this Nelson Empowerment Session I had to get up before the sun even rose – and if you know anything about me, it’s that I am NOT a morning person! However, I definitely don’t regret rubbing the sleep out of my eyes for this beautiful client’s session. The ethereal effect from […]


March 16, 2022

Boudoir Album: Do it for YOU

If you’re thinking about having doing a shoot and printing a boudoir album, do it for YOU! A boudoir album full of spicy photos is always an excellent choice of gift for your significant other. However, I always say to my clients that it should 100% always be a gift to yourself FIRST! I have […]


November 17, 2021

My Best Friend Died

My best friend died and I didn’t find out until 8 months later. This story begins 22 years ago when I first met my best friend Mike on a site called Habbo Hotel in 1999. I was 12 years old and running a scam to get decorations and furniture or “furni” for my virtual room. […]


November 10, 2021

image of a woman wearing a pink and black lingerie bodysuit. she is kneeling on a bed that has dark blue satin sheets, one hand is tugging at a strap of her lingerie and her other hand is holding the sheet in front of her. Her face is turned towards the light as a side profile and her eyes are closed.

Miss R’s Boudoir Shoot

This week on the blog, I asked a client of mine Miss R to chat with me about her boudoir shoot experience in our Regina SK studio location. I love hearing all the answers to the reasons why my clients decided to do a boudoir shoot. I especially love hearing how the session affected the […]


November 3, 2021

a woman smiling with her arms spread wide, she is holding a just opened bottle of champagne in one hand and some foam is spilling out of the bottle

I Didn’t Invite My Parents to Our Elopement 

I didn’t invite my parents to our elopement.  My mother didn’t turn up for my first wedding. It was an elopement to a trans woman in a tiny little bar in the mountains of Northern Virginia. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at first. At the time I wasn’t the […]


October 27, 2021

photograph of a woman wearing a white shirt, she is holding a white cat in one arm and with the other she is working on her babes guide to budgeting workbook

The Babes Guide to Budgeting

Money has been coined as such a dirty word in our society. Something that a lot of us don’t understand and that a lot of us have grown to fear. Simply because we don’t have the tools to keep, save, and spend our money appropriately. I’m here to change all of that for you with […]


October 20, 2021

Jackalopes: Plants and Cats Podcast Episode Five

On today’s episode of Plants and Cats, I talk about my favourite North American mythological creature, jackalopes! Tune in to today’s show to find out a little bit about the history of this creature that I thought was real until not that long ago. The disappointment that I experienced with that revelation shook me to […]


October 18, 2021

a woman laying with her legs and butt draped off a bed covered in gold sheets, she is wearing a pink two piece lingerie set and has her head tilted back, her arms are above her head in her hair

Why is Boudoir So Expensive?

If you’ve ever thought about booking a boudoir session for yourself, your first question was probably, how much? So you hopped on over to Google and had yourself a little search and a mini heart attack when you realise that the average boudoir session ranges anywhere from $1,000-8,000. Your next thought might have been, why […]


October 13, 2021

Shakshuka: Plants and Cats Podcast Episode Four

On today’s episode of Plants and Cats, I talk about my favourite North African and Middle Eastern dish, Shakshuka!  Shakshuka is a heavenly combination of tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, feta, and eggs. It’s quickly become a staple in our house, much to my husband Shawn’s dismay. So, tune in to today’s episode to find out […]


October 11, 2021

photograph of a woman in a boudoir session she is wearing an emerald green lingerie set and is face down on the bed

Regina Sk and Nelson BC Boudoir: Shoot Day

If you’ve been considering booking a boudoir session for yourself, you’re probably wondering what a typical shoot day with The Babes Club looks like from start to finish in our Nelson, BC studio! When you arrive to the studio on your session day, the first thing we’ll do is lay out everything you brought for […]


October 6, 2021