Happy 15th Birthday Storm!

Yesterday was Storm’s 15th birthday! I’ve had Storm since she was 6 weeks old, and she was a rescue from the Regina Humane Society. Some of Storm’s favourite activities include laying around in her favourite spots, screaming at her brother and sister, and getting brushed. But, the best part about being Storm? She gets CBD drops every meal, which has given us back our little frisky kitten again. She struggles sometimes getting up on the couch due to arthritis, which has improved ever since she started getting her daily drops. Lucky kitten, laying on the couch all day.

For her birthday, Storm was treated to her own little mini shoot complete with jewelled crown, Jelly Pouch™ pinches, and topped off with a ton of smooches and snuggles from her Ma(aaaaaaaa!). For supper, she dined on salmon paté sprinkled with freeze-dried salmon treats. Later that evening, she was treated to a chicken neck from Cathedral Village Pet Stop. Divine!

So yes, we’re obsessed with our cats. But, with a good kitten like Storm, can you really blame us? 😹

Here are a few of our favourites from Storms’ 15th birthday shoot. Happy birthday, Storm!


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