Happy Sweet Sixteen, Storm!!!

If you’ve been around for more than a minute, you’ll probably have figured out by now that Shawn and I are pretty obsessed over our cats. It probably won’t come as a surprise for you, then, that we threw Storm a Super Sweet Sixteen party for her birthday this year. Yes, we threw a birthday party for our cat. Fight me. 😹

Storm has been in my life since she was the tender age of 8 weeks old. We adopted her from the Regina Humane Society and she’s been my BFF ever since. We had a little bit of a health scare with her back in November but she’s on thyroid medication now and has been back to her frisky and cuddly self! Every night Storm hops up in bed with us and snuggles up to me. Most mornings I’ll wake up and she’ll be in the exact same spot as when I fell asleep. Anyone that has a snuggle bug for a kitty can agree – it’s a pretty nice feeling to wake up next to your beloved pet. 🥰

Super Sweet Sixteen

For Storm’s Sweet Sixteen celebration we ordered her a heckin’ cute dress from this Etsy shop – Snowy’s Closet – plus a cute little crown from LoveCrush Crowns so of COURSE we had to do a little photo shoot for her. What’s a birthday without a little birthday photo session?!

For her birthday we invited a bunch of our closest friends to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen. Of course, since it was a birthday party, Storm got a TON of presents from her admirers. If our cats ever tell you that they’re not spoiled rotten, they are LYING!! 😹

At the party we of course had to set up a group photo with the birthday girl. We decorated our place with Sweet Sixteen decorations. Storm got a special treat of some whitefish and we even had treats for her human guests, too. 😉

Keep scrolling to see Storm’s Sweet Sixteen photo shoot and some photos from our party! Shawn and I love throwing events in our new space, but especially when it’s a birthday party for a kitten. 😉


a sweet sixteen birthday cat in a pink dress sitting in a boxa sixteen year old cat and her owner opening presents for her sweet sixteen birthdaya sweet sixteen cat sitting with her birthday presents there are balloons in the backgrounda sixteen year old cat getting white fish for her birthdaygroup photo of guests attending a super sweet sixteen party for a cat


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