Jackalopes: Plants and Cats Podcast Episode Five

On today’s episode of Plants and Cats, I talk about my favourite North American mythological creature, jackalopes!

Tune in to today’s show to find out a little bit about the history of this creature that I thought was real until not that long ago. The disappointment that I experienced with that revelation shook me to the core and it turns out I wasn’t the only one! This episode was spurred by a stitch to a tiktok video that I made recently. There were quite a few people that left comments on that video stating that they too didn’t know that jackalopes weren’t real until they saw my video. If you are that person and I am currently bursting your bubble, I AM SO SORRY. 

Jackalope History

So, that lead me to want to explore more about the history behind the legend of jackalopes. I needed to discover why so many people have been duped. In this episode I explore the reasons behind the sightings of “jackalopes” in the wild. We’ll discuss what it was that people might have actually seen. I also share some interesting information on the origins of the jackalope and also a little bit of history dating back to the 13th century about a rabbit with a unicorn style horn.

As always, be sure to stay to the end for this week’s tarot card! At the end of every episode I always draw a card for the listeners and today is no exception. The message from this week’s card is one that I’m sure that we can all relate to. Every week I also post a photo of the card for everyone over in The Babes Club app. If you’d like to see it, download the app at www.thebabes.club/app/

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