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Kelowna Vineyard Elopement: Krista and Tyler

by Erika Hodson

August 2, 2018

When Krista and Tyler told me they’d be having a Kelowna vineyard elopement ceremony, I inwardly did a little happy dance! Small, intimate ceremonies are quickly becoming one of my favourite things to photograph. Krista and Tyler’s Kelowna vineyard elopement was certainly no exception to this.

Shawn and I had a bit of a whirlwind of a weekend trip out to this Kelowna vineyard elopement. We won’t be full-timing with wedding and boudoir photography until we hit the road in our converted school bus in late 2019, which meant we were on a bit of a time crunch because we had to take time off from our regular weekday jobs. So, that meant getting up at the buttcrack of dawn on a Friday, piling into my Chevy Cobalt, and striking off on a drive from Regina to Kelowna in a day.

That’s a 14 hour drive, not including breaks or stopping, for the uninitiated.


The drive to Krista and Tyler’s Kelowna vineyard elopement was Shawn and I’s first REAL road trip. Shawn did most of the driving, I did most of the navigating, and we both discovered how easy it is to travel with the other. I’d say our trip out to Kelowna was a good omen for our upcoming journey in our school bus because it sure made us excited for the day we pile onto our bus with our three kitties, and hit the road full time.

But you’re here to hear about Krista and Tyler’s Kelowna vineyard elopement, not about our bus!

A Kelowna Vineyard Elopement

Krista and Tyler were honestly one of the most kind and giving couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  For as un-planned of a day that they originally pitched to me, they thought of literally everything for their guests. A school bus shuttle (cue excited cackles between Shawn and I) picked up Tyler and all of the guests from the condos, so travel wasn’t a concern.

From there, we headed off to Road 13 Vineyards where the ceremony was to take place. Krista, of course, arrived separately in a top-down convertible so Tyler wouldn’t see her before their ceremony. The beautiful view of the valley from the top of the hill at the vinyeard literally took my breath away! From the moment the wedding party arrived at the venue, Joe, the owner, made sure everyone was having a great time. He even showed Shawn how to get up on the roof of the venue, so we could get a better vantage point of the ceremony and guests! He’s a great guy with an absolutely beautiful venue. If you’re ever out in the Kelowna area, make sure to stop by for a wine tasting. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 😉

Krista and Tyler had an unplugged ceremony which was super important to Krista. She wanted all of her guests to be present and in the moment with her and Tyler. I couldn’t agree with her more on that! All of their guests watched with their eyes, and not through the screen of their phone. It really made their ceremony all that more intimate and lovely.

So, it rained…

After their tear-inducing ceremony (yes, even myself), we all piled back onto the school bus. From there, we headed to Okanagan Falls for a picnic on the beach. Krista’s mom set out a beautiful charcuterie on a picnic table aaaaaand… it started to rain. Thankfully there was enough shelter for everyone to duck and cover. Half of us ended up back on the bus, and the other half under an overhang on a nearby building. The rain played a few games with us that afternoon, clearing up, and then coming back with full force. Finally after the third time it started pouring rain, we decided to pack it all up and head to the next stop. Krista and Tyler didn’t let a little rain ruin their day – after all, the rest of the day was absolutely gorgeous.

Cider Tasting?! Yes, please!!

Next, we headed to Summerland Heritage Cider Co. for a cider tasting. Let me tell you, I’m not really a big cider drinker, but these ciders were AMAZING. My favourite by far, was the Farm Pressed Peach cider. I made the mistake that day of leaving my wallet behind and trust me, that’s a mistake I will NOT be repeating next time I’m in cider country. I’m kicking myself to this day that we didn’t get to bring any of it back with us!!

After the cider tasting, we boarded the bus once more and headed back to the condos for a bit of a mid-day siesta. Being out in the hot sun, drinking wine and cider all day, made a bit of a break to re-group necessary. Krista took this time to take Penny out for a walk (remember her from their engagement session?! I still get the giggles over her zoomies!) with her best friend Ashley, and the three of them shared some sparkling wine from Road 13 Vineyards. What a lucky pup! 😉

Organic Wine and Sunset Views

The last stop of the day was Summerhill Pyramid Winery for dinner and debauchery. We dined on braised beef, drank organic wine, and watched as the sun dipped behind the mountains. Tyler invited… no, demanded that his guests enjoy themselves, and as soon as a bottle of wine was emptied, it was replaced with a fresh one. Let me tell you, that wine was some of the best wine I’ve tasted on my 30 years on this earth. Even Shawn, who isn’t much of a drinker, remarked the same thing when we tried some wine with dinner.

How quickly the weekend was over…

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a wedding day flies by. One second I’m shooting the bride’s details, and the next it’s time for toasts. There’s that old saying, that time flies when you’re having fun, and that rule CERTAINLY applies to weddings. I’d say it applies to weddings more than any other day! I might be biased but, I think it’s pretty obvious here how important it is to have someone present to document your wedding day. With how quickly the day flies by, you’ll end up remembering bits and pieces of your day, without really remembering the whole picture. That’s where your wedding photographer comes in. Filling in the gaps of your memory of your day, and showing you things you didn’t even know happened because you missed them, is what I love the most about being a wedding photographer.

Shawn and I spent the next day with a couple of our friends in Kelowna – we went go-karting and mini golfing, and spent way too much money at an arcade. Monday we piled back into my Chevy Cobalt and headed back to the prairies. With the mountains getting smaller in our rearview mirror, we promised each other that we’d return someday soon to the mountains in our school bus.

Now, on to the photographs. Enjoy. ❤️




Ceremony: Road 13 Vinyeards
Cider Tasting: Summerland Heritage Cider Co.
Reception: Summerhill Pyramid Winery

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