Nelson Empowerment Session

Nelson Empowerment Session

For this Nelson Empowerment Session I had to get up before the sun even rose – and if you know anything about me, it’s that I am NOT a morning person! However, I definitely don’t regret rubbing the sleep out of my eyes for this beautiful client’s session. The ethereal effect from the fog on the water was well worth missing out on my beauty rest. As the sun rose and lit up the fog I knew this would be one of my favourite sessions to date.

Head over to my portfolio to see more of my latest work or book your own session in the beautiful outdoors in the Nelson area.

nelson empowerment sessions nelson empowerment sessions nelson empowerment sessions


  1. […] For some reason, when I look around in the boudoir industry I see so much misrepresentation of what bodies actually look like. We’ve been force-fed this idea of perfection by advertisements and Hollywood movies our whole lives. So much so, that it’s spilled over into this genre which we all claim to be “empowering”. However, if we’re making the skin of our clients look like plastic, how is that supposed to help our clients feel empowered? […]

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