The River as My Muse

The river by my house has been my muse in a way that I didn’t expect since moving to the Kootenays. I had planned for something different for when I moved out here. I’d be taking brave clients down to the river and the forest for boudoir and empowerment sessions. I’d be inspired by nature […]


February 8, 2023

Outdoor Boudoir Sessions and our Regina Departure

I have left Regina! Well… almost. 😉 I can’t believe I’m actually sitting here typing this, but…  Our boxes are packed, the studio has been dismantled, baseboards scrubbed, and dust bunnies sent scurrying into the empty corners of our loft. Tomorrow we’re packing up our moving truck and the next day we set sail for […]


August 29, 2022

Self-Doubt is a Bitch

With our move to Nelson just a few short weeks away I’ve been feeling a supreme amount of self-doubt lately. Mostly doubting that I’m making the right choice. Which sounds crazy to me considering I’ve been wanting to move to BC for years at this point. Now that it’s finally happening I suppose I’m just […]


August 8, 2022

My Empowerment Photography Experience; a Client Feature

Hey everyone! I would like to share my empowerment photography experience with ya’ll. First of all, HOLY SMOKES. An empowerment photography session is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time, but always found a reason not to do it: It’s too self-centered, it costs money (and you get what […]


May 19, 2022

a woman lays on a bed diagonally and is backlit by the two bright windows

Photoshopping Boudoir Bodies

We all need to stop Photoshopping our boudoir clients bodies. The further that I drift away from “traditional” boudoir imagery in my work, the more that I realise how toxic the boudoir industry actually can be. I’m going to guess that’s partially because of its close ties to the beauty industry. But let’s be real […]


May 12, 2022

creston boudoir photographer

Creston Boudoir Photographer

Creston Boudoir Photographer I love a lot of things about being a Creston boudoir photographer. The biggest one though, is all of the beautiful places to explore and photograph my clients in! This gorgeous client opted for an outdoor session. We had so much fun exploring the outdoors together and creating these beautiful images. Head […]


March 18, 2022

nelson empowerment sessions

Nelson Empowerment Session

Nelson Empowerment Session For this Nelson Empowerment Session I had to get up before the sun even rose – and if you know anything about me, it’s that I am NOT a morning person! However, I definitely don’t regret rubbing the sleep out of my eyes for this beautiful client’s session. The ethereal effect from […]


March 16, 2022

kootenay boudoir photographer

Kootenay Boudoir Photographer

Kootenay Boudoir Photographer There are meany reasons I love being a Kootenay boudoir photographer. The biggest one is that I get to explore all over this beautiful province with my clients. While I love shooting in the forest, a chilly mountain lake definitely comes as a close second. Head over to my portfolio to see […]


March 14, 2022

an outdoor boudoir session in the kootenays

Outdoor Boudoir in the Kootenays

Outdoor Boudoir in the Kootenays Hi, I’m Erika! I love photographing outdoor boudoir in the Kootenays. This client was an absolute dream to photograph and such a champ for getting into that icy cold water, BRR!! Whether you decide to opt for lingerie or go fully nude in nature – the choice is yours. As […]


March 11, 2022

nelson boudoir photographer outdoor session

Nelson Boudoir Photographer

Nelson Boudoir Photographer Hi, I’m Erika! I am a boudoir photographer based out of Nelson, BC. This client was an absolute dream to photograph and such a champ for getting into that icy cold water, BRR!! Head over to my portfolio to see more of my latest work or book your own session in the […]


March 9, 2022