Plants and Cats Podcast Episode One: Poached Eggs

a woman is holding a plant in a basket under one arm and a cat under the other, a title card reads plants and cats podcast

Welcome to the Plants and Cats Podcast!

I’m Erika Broom, the host of Plants and Cats. Every week I talk about a random thing that I love, as well as pull a tarot card for the listeners.

On this week’s episode I talk about how easy it is to poach an egg, and give you a step by step explanation of how to get a perfect poached egg every time.

Be sure to stay to the end for this week’s card! At the end of every episode I always draw a tarot card for the listeners and today is no exception. The message from this week’s card is one that I’m sure that we can all relate to. Every week I also post a photo of the card for everyone over in The Babes Club app. If you’d like to see it, download the app here: The Babes Club App

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Until next week, Love you babe!


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