Plants and Cats Podcast Episode Three: Tarot

photograph of a woman holding a big leafy green plant in a light brown basket. Under her other arm is a white and ginger cat, they are both looking at the camera and she has a large smile on her face

It’s Spooky Season so you know what that means! Time to scare away your super religious grandparents by learning how to read Tarot!

On today’s episode I go over some basic info on reading tarot and why I love it. Tarot doesn’t have to be spiritual; it can be part of a daily introspective practice to help you with daily challenges or tough situations you face.

Be sure to stay to the end for this week’s card! At the end of every episode I always draw a tarot card for the listeners and today is no exception. The message from this week’s card is one that I’m sure that we can all relate to. Every week I also post a photo of the card for everyone over in The Babes Club app. If you’d like to see it, download the app here: The Babes Club App

The books discussed in this episode are:

Tarot Elements” and “Kitchen Table Tarot” by Melissa Cynova

The New Tarot Handbook” by Rachel Pollack

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Until next week, Love you babe!


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