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Hi babes! It’s me again – your favourite Regina area boudoir photographer. 😉 I recently moved into my new home studio which I’m super duper excited about!

As a treat to myself before we moved, I printed an album with some of my favourite images from my last studio. An album supplier I’ve had my eye on for quite some time recently came out with a brand new cover option for their albums in ROSE. GOLD. Lawd was I excited when I heard this news!

If you know me at all, you know that I loooove me some rose gold. Anyway, I saw this album cover and knew that to celebrate the expansion of my business and as a thank-you to the studio that got me here, I’d have an album with some of my favourite work from that space printed.

Well, this gorgeous rose gold album certainly did not disappoint. I unboxed the album live in my Facebook Group as soon as it arrived (no, really – I had my hair up in a towel in the video!) because I was so excited to see this gorgeous cover in person. Pulling that album out of the sleeve I actually audibly gasped. That feeling… that is the experience I hope to provide to my clients. That audible gasp seeing gorgeous photographic prints in their hands. Off of a screen. Because we already spend too much time these days behind screens, don’t we?

regina area photographer luxury rose gold album

Print Your Dang Photos!

There’s really nothing better than seeing your printed artwork in physical form. Sure, you might get the digitals included with your collection but… then what? Every client I chat with, I ask the question “What do you want to do with your photos after your session?” They are often taken aback. They hadn’t thought of what to do with them!

I got you babe – I’m here to create some beautiful custom artwork of your own to take home with you. My promise to you is that you’ll be able to enjoy your custom artwork for many years to come. Whether it be a giant 24×36 metal wall print for above your bed, or a beautiful album with 57 of your favourite images.  Artwork that won’t get lost in a drawer on a broken thumb drive.

So, if you’re in the Regina area and you’re looking for a boudoir photographer – let’s chat. I’d love to capture your beauty in printed, physical form. Keep scrolling to see examples of all the gorgeous products I offer – and let’s make some featuring YOUR beauty.

regina area photographer luxury rose gold album laying flat on white fur



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