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Regina Backyard Wedding: Megan and Mike

by Erika Hodson

April 10, 2019

Remember that really hot day we had last year? Megan and Mike’s Regina backyard wedding happened August 11, 2018 – which, if I’m not mistaken, was the hottest day of the year last year. It was 42 degrees outside! FOURTY-TWO. I’m so glad that nobody melted in that heat. Especially Mike, who kept his suit on the entire day. Seriously, what a champ. I certainly don’t blame him for bailing on his suit as soon as the first dance was over!

For Mike and Megan, the biggest surprise that happened at their Regina backyard wedding was everything with A/C being closed on a Saturday. Originally we had planned to head inside the Royal Saskatchewan Museum but much to our dismay, by the time the ceremony wrapped and we headed over there, they were five minutes to close. Rough luck. So instead, we headed into the park to work with what we had available – shade, glorious shade! 😂

On our way back to the car (honestly, mostly just to blast the A/C for a minute) Shawn and I joked with Mike and Megan about heading into a grocery store for the rest of our portrait time (read: to bask in the glorious A/C) and they went for it. So, we headed into Mike’s Independent (a different Mike! 😂) and were granted confused approval to wander around and shoot some portraits in the grocery store while we cooled off. According to Megan, that was one of her favourite parts of the day. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? The A/C sure was nice!!

“What advice would you give couples planning their wedding now?”

“Don’t think you need to do or buy things just because that’s what other people have done. Don’t invite people you don’t know or haven’t spoken to in years. It sounds ruthless, but really it’s just about keeping your day about the two of you and the people you love.

Chill out – that’s coming from an anxious stress monster. Spend less money. Ask for help. Don’t get favours.

Regina Backyard Wedding: Our Happy Place

When asked what her inspiration for their wedding was, Megan told me that her inspiration was just happiness. Their home is their happy place. Outside in the comfort of their backyard, surrounded by family and plants. Throw some string lights on top of that, and you’re good to go.

From the DIY cakes and decor, picnic tables put together by family and friends, and water-filled spray bottles and fans I’d have to agree with Megan. The happiness and love on their wedding day was just overflowing! The adoring looks on their friends and family’s faces during the ceremony said it all – these two certainly make each other very happy. 😍❤️

Keep scrolling and I think you’ll agree. 😊




Malinche – Catering (“Literally everyone said they loved the meal. Tacos, man. Bringing people together.” – Megan)

Italian Star Deli – Midnight Lunch / Drunk Snacks

Lark Farm Flowers / Wascana Flower Shoppe / Costco – bulk flowers

A-1 Rentals: Sweet porta-potties and extra chairs

Etsy – Bridal top (bridal skirt made by Megan’s mom)

Cakes made by the bride, Megan!

“Everything else was just us and friends and family helping x 8,000,000 ❤️”


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