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After her session, I asked Miss M to write me a few words about her boudoir experience in my home studio in Cathedral, Regina. Well, much like Miss M’s gallery, this gal does NOT disappoint!

I am outright OBSESSED with Miss M’s amazing gallery from her boudoir photography session. One photo in particular I have likened to a renaissance painting to several of my photography friends because she’s just downright stunning. Not only in that one particular image, but her entire gallery.

Today I looked through her gallery again as I prepared the images for this blog post. Doing this made me fall in love with her gallery all over again!  Keep reading to hear more from Miss M herself. Keep scrolling even more for proof that every babe is beautiful and worthy of being photographed!

Miss M’s boudoir experience, in her words…

I have wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for a long time. When the opportunity to work with Erika arose I talked myself in and out of it for a while. I made every excuse but finally I pulled the trigger and booked!

At a time when I was the most self-conscious about my body and the least pleased with my appearance I figured that if these photos could make me feel good about myself that would be incredible. Holy crap did Erika deliver.

Leading up to the day I was crazy nervous and she was there every step of the way assuring me it was normal. The day of the shoot I was finally tipping the scales to the excited side over the anxious and scared part.

Everything about the boudoir experience was great. I was quickly put at ease and made comfortable, making final wardrobe choices, posing tips and pep talks.  Any ideas I wanted to incorporate into my session were respectfully included and I really appreciated that.

During the actual shoot I felt at ease, comfortable and in a safe space… to be vulnerable, goofy… to be myself. The time flew by in the most fun and spectacular way.

And then she was hooked.

When it was all over I sat in my vehicle and was on an adrenaline and empowerment HIGH. I immediately wanted to do it all over again and  couldn’t wait to see the pictures, to tell my friends and to figure out ways for them to experience this feeling… I hadn’t even seen the pictures yet and I was HOOKED!

The reveal didn’t disappoint! There were so many great shots that I had trouble narrowing it down! The photos were spectacular and the quality of the products offered was amazing.

I went into the boudoir experience hoping for a few photos that made me feel confident and I was so pleasantly surprised. Looking at them, feeling proud, sexy, empowered, and beautiful… it was revolutionary. I hope everyone can experience this! Thank you so much Erika!!!

Diptych of woman during boudoir experience close-up of breasts with hand holding lingerie, black and white image close-up of mouth with hand placed over lips

Three images of a woman during her boudoir experience session laying on her back on a blue velvet couch, hand in her hairThree images of a woman during a boudoir photo shoot, leaning forward over blue velvet couch being lit by window light

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