Regina Boudoir Photographer – Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Babes! It’s me, Erika – your favourite Regina boudoir photographer. πŸ˜‰ I get a lot of the same questions asked frequently so… I figured it was time to put together a little Frequently Asked Questions post! Below are all of the questions I get asked a LOT about the boudoir or intimate portrait sessions I do here in my warehouse loft in Regina. Do you have some questions of your own you’d like answered? Ask me in our Facebook community or request to join if you’re not already a member!

Alright, on to the questions!

“How will I know how to pose?”

I got you, don’t worry! I’ll pose you from the tips of your toes, to the way your hair falls down your back. I’ll show you the pose, and guide you on how to replicate it for the camera. You’ll never have to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing! I practice getting my body into all sorts of bendy poses by doing selfies often in my studio (yep, with my camera on a tripod!). This is honestly how I come up with a lot of the poses I use in the studio – which means that I know how to get into these poses and show you how to, too! Everyone’s body works and bends in different ways so I’ll work closely with you to get you into poses that work for your abilities and comfort level.

“HowΒ far in advance should I book?”

I recommend booking your session at the very least, 4-6 months before you want your prints back in your hands. This means if your wedding is in June, you should book your session date no later than January or February. Our shoot days at the studio are select Sundays and most Tuesday to Thursday dates during the week. If you’re looking to have some photos back in time for a Christmas gift, Christmas cut-off is the last week of October if you wish to get prints back in time for the holidays.

“I’m really nervous, is that normal?”

YES!! Being nervous about having an intimate portrait session done is totally normal! Most of the women I photograph have never been photographed in a professional setting before, and most of them were nervous before their shoot, too! Even I get nervous sometimes in front of the camera… so don’t worry. My main goal during any boudoir session is to make sure you’re comfortable, feeling good, and having a amazing time. We’ll have you laughing in no time, wondering why you were so nervous in the first place!

If at any point during your session you’re feeling like your nerves just aren’t going away, please tell me! We can talk about it, do some breathing exercises if you’re feeling anxious, and take our time to get you feeling relaxed.

“What kind of print products do you offer?”

We offer gorgeous luxury albums, folio boxes, metal wall art, and convenient gallery apps to view your images on your phone. I’ll show you samples of all the available options when you come in for your session and at your in-person reveal.

“Do you offer digitals?”

Yes, of course! Digital files are included in select print collections or may be added on to any a-la-carte album or folio box purchase. Digital images are not available separately.

“How many outfits should I bring?”

As many as you want! Typically we have time for 2-3 outfits including nudes during each session. The more outfits you bring to your shoot, the more options we have! Before we get you into your first outfit we’ll take a look at all the options you brought with you, plus take a peek at my client closet if you wish to use any of my items. I recommend bringing ALL your favourite pieces that way we have lots of options for your session!

“Where is your studio located?”

Our studio is located in the Warehouse District of Regina right on Dewdney Avenue. We are a home based studio by appointment only. Hair and makeup takes place in our studio directly before your appointment, and your in-person reveal takes place here, too! At The Babes Club we don’t like making our clients wait weeks to see their images so our in-person reveal takes place the same day of your shoot, about 90 minutes after we finish shooting! Instant gratification, woohoo!

“Do you share my images?”

Only if you want me to! I *never* share client images without your permission. If you want me to keep your images private for only you, you got it babe! If you’d like to give me permission to use your images in my portfolio you have the option of allowing me to share them online, only use anonymous images, or only allow me to use your images on in-studio samples (so, not online). While I super duper appreciate being able to use your images online in my portfolio, your privacy always comes first and I will absolutely respect your wishes on how your images are used.

“Do I have to wear lingerie?”

Nope! If you want to just be naked for your whole session, that’s totally okay too! I’ve had past clients bring in anything from their favourite dress to an oversized button-down shirt or sweater. Really, anything that you feel sexy and confident in is a great contender for an outfit for your intimate portrait session.

“Do you offer payment plans?”

Yes, of course! We offer pre-payment plans to suit any budget. By opting-in for a pre-payment plan you also get to pick from some awesome bonuses for your shoot like our shower set, wet t-shirt set, add on a massage to your shoot day, and many others !See more information on our pre-payment plans and available options here.

“Is hair and makeup included?”

Always! I want you to look and feel your best for your session, and a little pampering in my stylist’s chair goes a long way! When you arrive for your session we’ll get you right into hair and makeup which usually takes about an hour. This is the perfect time for you to relax and get ready to feel amazing during your session!

“How much photoshop do you use?”

Honestly? Not a whole ton. Just a little bit of skin smoothing, touch up of any bags under your eyes, removal of scratches, bruises, blemishes, or anything else not permanent. I go by the two-week rule: will it be gone in two weeks? Then I’ll touch it out.

Anything permanent like moles, stretch marks, birth marks, or anything like that will go un-retouched unless specifically requested. I do NOT use any body shaping tools, the liquefy tool, or anything to change the natural shape of your body. I embrace all my clients in all their glory, curvy or not, so don’t fret about your photos not looking like YOU!



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