Regina Boudoir Photography Studio – Gold Foil Session

Well, it’s been 6 weeks since we moved into our new boudoir photography studio in Regina’s warehouse district. What a whirlwind it was when this space came into our lives!

It was never my intention to turn our small apartment in Cathedral into a studio, believe it or not. Shortly after I moved in, I ran my first boudoir marathon out of an Air BnB I had rented. And, well… quickly figured out what a logistical nightmare having to rent a space any time you want to shoot a boudoir session would be. Nope, no thank you! So, I decided that I’d just start shooting sessions in our living room.

Anyone that was photographed by me in my old space can attest to this. I had to move everything around my living room and re-arrange any time I had a session in there, to make space. Things like our bikes, our giant cat tree, and all the cat toys and accessories from our three cats had to be shoved into our bedroom to make room for me to work.

And, work it did for a while! Two years, in fact. But eventually, eventually… you get this feeling like you’re trying to bust out of your skin. You want to scream, you feel like you don’t have enough room to turn around, let alone to grow. Like a too-big fish trapped in a too-small fishtank. Our business was outgrowing our 791 sq ft apartment.

Ta-da: a new boudoir photography studio!

Well, one night scrolling facebook at 11 at night, a listing for a warehouse loft caught my eye in my feed. I immediately knew that I had to check out the space. I shook Shawn awake and he agreed so the next day I’d viewed the space. The day after that, we’d signed the lease. Shawn didn’t even see the space until we moved in! He said to me, “If you think this is the perfect place for you to grow your business, I trust your opinion babe.”

Well, I think you’ll agree with me that this is indeed the perfect space for a boudoir photography studio!

Shortly after we signed the lease on this new studio, I had arranged this gold foil shoot with my amazing stylist Rocelyn and the beautiful Miss S. Nobody prepared me for the mess of gold foil I’m still finding in my house (seriously, it’s everywhere!) but I’m super duper excited that Rocelyn and I finally got to team up for a creative collab. We’d been talking about doing one for probably… two years by this point?

Either way, the resulting images were well worth the wait. 😍


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