Wardrobe and Styling for your Empowerment Boudoir Session

So, what the hell am I supposed to wear, anyway?!

You’ve booked your Regina boudoir photography session with us, that’s awesome! We can’t wait to make you feel like the goddess you really are. Your next step will be to decide what you want to bring to your session for your boudoir photography wardrobe.

When you’re making the decision on your boudoir photography wardrobe, the first thing you need to consider is the look you’re going for. What’s your style? Your personality? What colours do you like, or look best in? Do you like vintage styled things, or a more modern look?

Sexy vs. Cozy

A great place to start when thinking about your boudoir session wardrobe, is do you want a sexy look, or a cozy look? Here’s some examples on what to bring for your boudoir photography wardrobe:

woman wearing alexander keith's sweatshirt during regina boudoir photography session


  • A Bra and Panty Set
  • A pair of killer heels
  • Silk or Satin
  • Lace
  • Pearls and sparkly jewelry
  • Garter and Body Belts
  • A Silk or Satin robe


  • A button-down shirt (Steal one of your partner’s if you can!)
  • Cotton PJ shorts
  • Chunky Sweaters or Loose Sweatshirts
  • Knee-high socks
  • Your favourite book
  • A treasured coffee mug
  • Your coziest, fluffiest blanket








woman in black silk robe looking at camera regina boudoir photography session black and white

I encourage all of the women I photograph to bring at least one “sexy” and one “cozy” outfit to their session. If you’re not sure, or can’t decide on only two outfits for your Regina boudoir photography wardrobe, bring a few of your favourites. I’ll be happy to help you make a final decision on what will photograph best on you! If you want all sexy outfits and no cozy, or all cozy and no sexy, that’s OK too.

Ultimately, whatever you feel the most comfortable in, is what will look best on you during your session. If you’re more of a cozy gal, and you put on a black leather garter belt and fishnet stockings, and that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’ll definitely show in your final images.

When you’re making the final decisions on your Regina boudoir photography wardrobe, try them on in front of a full length mirror, if possible. Practice some poses in your different outfits. Do any of your outfits pinch at your skin, or tug in ways that are unflattering? If you’re constantly tugging at and readjusting your outfit during your boudoir session, it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. That’s definitely not something we want!

What will be most flattering for my body type?

Contrary to what you’d expect, if you’re a curvier or plus-size gal, wearing looser clothing to “hide” your curves is NOT always the best route to take! Those are YOUR curves, and I want you to rock them, girl! At our Regina boudoir photography sessions, we embrace ALL body types and firmly believe that every body is sexy and deserves to be celebrated.

That being said, I understand the feeling of being self-conscious and TOTALLY understand that getting in front of the camera in your underwear is a daunting task! When you’re looking for an outfit to flatter your body type, think about what your best assets are. Like I mentioned in my post about Erin’s Milk Bath Shoot, I have a zero tolerance policy in my shooting space for negativity directed at yourself! Your boudoir session is about feeling GOOD and EMPOWERED, not to pick apart every flaw that you see in yourself.





woman flirtatiously plays with her red lingerie dress during her regina boudoir photography session in regina



Do you have GREAT boobs but you’re not so thrilled about your tummy? A Chemise like Erin wore for her session, with a matching push-up-bra and panty set would be a good choice!

A style of lingerie called a “Teddy” is also a good choice if you’re going for a more “covered up” look.

If you’re considering a garter belt and stockings as part of one of your outfits, keep in mind that “stay ups” (the ones with rubber or silicone lining at the top, so they stay up on your legs) are less flattering on gals with bigger thighs. If you’re incorporating a garter belt into your wardrobe, you don’t need stay-ups, anyway! Make sure when you’re purchasing your stockings that they don’t have that silicone band at the top.

Don’t forget the shoes and accessories!

Shoes! Accessories! This is a really great place for you to let your personality shine. Do you own a killer pair of stilettos or strappy heels you never find an excuse to wear out? Those are the shoes you’ll want to bring to your Regina boudoir photography session!

Keep in mind that it’s not important you’re able to walk properly in your heels! As long as you can strike a pose and hold it without falling over, we’re good to go. 😉 The taller the heels, the more oomph it’ll give your butt and legs. So, don’t be afraid to go tall!

Most of all, you want to think about some ideas for accessories to bring that make your personality shine. If you’re a bookworm, bring your favourite book. A camera nerd like me? Bring your favourite camera! Jewelry that has importance to you (like your great-grandmother’s prized pearls) or that you just think is pretty, should come along too! Finally, if your ears are pierced, don’t forget to bring earrings!


I really hope that helped answer some of your burning questions about what to wear for your Empowerment Boudoir Session with us! If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to sign up for our newsletter. You’ll be the first to be in the know about our next Boudoir Party in Regina and beyond!

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