Erin’s Milk Bath Shoot and WOW what a weekend!

What a party!!

We held our first Regina boudoir photography party this weekend…all I have is one word… WOW!!! I can’t even find the words to describe how inspiring the women I met this weekend were. Yesterday, I did a live video on our Facebook Page about the weekend and some of the stories that I heard from the women I photographed.

One woman in particular really struck a chord with me and lit a fire in my heart, this weekend. She was my last session for the Regina boudoir photography party, so we got to relax and chat with each other while she got her makeup done for her boudoir session. I came to find out that we had very similar stories – she struggled with self-worth because of an abusive ex-husband who constantly told her she was fat, ugly, and not worthy.

It’s OK to be nervous!!

She was very nervous when we started her session (which is totally OK and normal, ladies!!). There is only one rule during my shoots, negative self-talk is not allowed!!! She said was embarrassed about her body because she’d lost over 200 pounds. She started making excuses and shaming herself but you better believe I shut that down right away, girlfriend.

These Regina boudoir photography parties are about fun and empowerment and feeling good about yourself. Negativity has no place in my shooting space! As a wise friend once told me, if you wouldn’t let someone say it to your best friend, you’re not allowed to say it about yourself.

Building Confidence…

To build her confidence and show her just how gosh darn beautiful she was; I showed her a shot from the back of the camera. Her face showed it all; she finally saw that everything she’d been told for years was 100% wrong. That moment lit the fire in my heart. We both almost started crying right there during her shoot.

This is why I do what I do.

To make women feel empowered.

I want to make women feel beautiful.

We need to show those women that what they’ve been told all their lives is bullshit!

Why? I’ve been there. There was a time, not too long ago, where I had such a low opinion of myself that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. So, I get it. It took shedding an abusive relationship and finding a partner that literally became my biggest cheerleader, to get where I’m at today. I want to share that feeling with you of feeling GOOD about yourself! Girl, you deserve it.

A little about this session;

Erin is a different woman than the one I mentioned earlier. Erin is a really frickin’ gorgeous friend of my sister’s, who, at my baby niece’s baptism a couple weeks ago, overheard I wanted to do a milk bath session. So, we brought Erin in before the Regina boudoir photography party, got her all dolled up, and tossed her in a milk bath. The resulting images… phew! She rocked that session!

Thanks again Erin, it was a pleasure getting to photograph you.

Lingerie –   Merlot Chemise by Coquette

MUAH – Beauty by Rocelyn





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