Regina Boudoir Sessions – WHY I Shoot Boudoir

I often get asked what my reasons are for shooting boudoir photography sessions here in my warehouse loft in Regina. Here’s the real reason I love shooting boudoir. There are so many rotten bullies out there in the real world AND online. People telling us that we’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, not whatever enough. Why do we as women spend so much time attacking each other online? Why spend so much time cutting one another down? We all know the honest truth – bullying stems from that insecurity we have within ourselves. Someone who is confident and secure doesn’t waste their time making another person feel like a lesser human than them.

Here’s The Real Truth.

So the truth is, I love shooting boudoir in my Regina warehouse loft because it gives me a chance to help build those women up that may not have heard a single nice thing about themselves recently (or maybe even ever). It’s so easy to sit behind a keyboard and lash out at people online, whatever the reasons are behind that kind of behaviour. In my studio, none of that matters. Being showered by compliments, being SHOWN how beautiful they are, THAT is the type of experience I want to provide for my boudoir clients.

I’ve had clients cry (GOOD tears) during their session, I’ve heard gasps of “that’s me?!”, I’ve seen shaking hands, nervous ticks, and I’ve heard clients utter apologies about their own bodies. Apologising to me for the shape of their body, their rolls, their cellulite or stretch marks, apologies for struggling with the posing directions I’m giving them.

No Apologies Here.

The thing is… none of that matters in my Regina boudoir studio. There are no apologies needed, here. Every body is gorgeous to me. In the right light and with the right pose I hope that I can show you what I see, too. That’s my job – to show each and every one of my clients their own true beauty. To help them ignore that voice in their head. That voice that has been trained to be critical by the people around them. To look in the mirror and see what I see – a beautiful face looking back at them. A body that has carried them through the trials and tribulations in their lives. To see themselves and to utter kind words back instead of words of self-loathing or self-criticism.

woman reclined sitting on the floor in front of a couch leaning back

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I was there myself, once. I was at a point during my past emotionally abusive relationship where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. Making eye contact with myself was TOO HARD. To see the sadness in my own eyes. To see the horror of what I’d been through, it was too much for me to bear. So to have been at that low point in my life, and to be able to go on that journey to build myself back up to where I am today… well, it was REAL hard work, I won’t lie about that for a second. But it was work that was worth it. If I can be that catalyst for my clients, to take that first step towards their self-love journey, or just another step along that journey they’re already taking… well, that’s the real reward for me. I want to show you that you too are beautiful, no matter what society, your friends, your family, your spouse, has said to you in the past.

Are You Struggling, Too?

So, if you’re struggling with your self-image and want to take that leap with me, I invite you to head to my contact page and fill out the form there. Let’s get in touch, because you deserve to see yourself in a positive light when you look in the mirror. Even if you don’t believe that’s possible. I would love to show you how.


  1. Vanessa Ranger says:

    I am so looking forward to the day I can have a shoot with you. I’m normally ok with the fact that my journey has been tough and my vessel has served me well. There are other days when I hate leaving the house because of what I see reflected back at me.
    You are awesome and I enjoy the page and the blog.
    Til then, stay awesome.

    • Erika Hodson says:

      I think everyone has their tough days, Vanessa. I even have days still where I don’t like how I look too, that’s totally normal! I look forward to the day you grace my studio with your presence, too! 🥰

  2. Natalie Vance says:

    I am not accustomed to this much transparency; I don’t like it, I love it! It is so refreshing! I love the peaceful aspect of your site & this blog! Bullies are everywhere probably always will be, that’s why WE must change the dialogue in our own heads! Reprogram our own views of acceptance & most of all love ourselves NOW!

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