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Top Ten Locations for Engagement Photos in Regina

by Erika Hodson

June 4, 2018

Where the F Do We Go for our Regina Engagement Session?!

The first question I usually get from couples when they’re thinking about having a session done is WHERE the best Regina engagement session locations are. Let’s be real, Wascana Park is an amazing place to do a photo session. There’s a lot of really beautiful treed areas, the lake, and… well, a LOT of goose poop in the summer. Wascana Park is a go-to place for sessions for a lot of people, but let’s get a little more creative and come up with something that REALLY speaks to you as a couple!

OK, Erika, that’s great but… HOW do we figure out where to go that isn’t Wascana Park?

That’s easy!

I’ll get to a list of ideas in a minute, but there’s a really easy way to figure out where your engagement session should take place. Our style of photography is very relaxed, fun, and sometimes silly. So, we usually recommend to couples that they think of where they’d usually go on a date. Other ideas are places you like to spend time together, places that have special meaning, or even just a place you think looks really cool! If you’ve lived in Regina your whole life like I have (cue the wanderlust pangs for our future life on the road), you might think this city is B-O-R-I-N-G. There’s nothing to do here, nowhere cool to go, and no fun places to have an engagement photo session done. WELL, I disagree. On to our list!

Top 10 Places for your Regina Engagement Session

1. In a Pub/Bar

couple laughing together regina engagement session pub

Was your first date at a pub or bar? Maybe you met there? Cozy on up with a pint and let’s make some magic happen!

2. University of Regina Campus

Did the two of you meet while you were at university? Maybe you bonded over overpriced coffees at the cafeteria. You both had a shared interest in people-watching all the other university students as they went about their day. There’s plenty of opportunity for creative engagement portraits in and around the campus!

3. Your Local Public Library or Used Book Store

couple smiling at each other regina engagement session locations public library

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but there’s just something to be said about real, physical books. You don’t get that old book smell with this digital age so much. I’ll be the first to admit that any time I head into a used book store, I smell the first book I pick up. I can’t be the only one that does that!

4. Your Favourite Coffee Shop

regina engagement session location coffee shop couple holding hands

Noticing a trend? We really love doing engagement sessions in Regina where the two of you are actually DOING and ENJOYING something. It seems a little silly to “pretend” to go on a date for some photos, maybe… (but you don’t have to pretend… just go on a date and we’ll follow you around!) but we think you’ll agree that the results of having some fun on your shoot instead of “posing for the camera” is worth being a little silly for!

5. The Science Centre

regina engagement session science centre

This Science Centre shoot was a LOT of fun! I asked Kayla and Wallace where they’d usually go on a date, or somewhere they’d love to go on a date that they hadn’t been in a while. Without hesitation, Kayla said “The Science Centre!!” and I went “YES!! YES!!! LET’S DO IT!”

We arrived after Kayla and Wallace had already had a chance to scope the place out (they arrived early to play, and I can’t blame them!). We followed them around to all of their favourite places in the Centre just like they were on a date! Of course, I pulled them into some weird corners by windows where the light was just beautiful, and then set them free to play some more. Look out for their blog post next week!!

6. The Farmers Market

I really LOVE the farmers market. All the food trucks, fresh fruit and veggies, baking, flowers… the list goes on! Sessions in crowded areas can get tricky sometimes, but we’re always up for the challenge. 😉

7. Downtown Regina

engagement photos regina locations downtown session

Speaking of cool places to go or photograph, have you taken a look around downtown Regina lately? Shawn and I recently moved into the Cathedral area of Regina which makes downtown super accessible by foot (yeah, parking downtown is a pain in the ass, amirite?). Living so close to downtown has really opened my eyes to how many neat spots there are to make some cool portraits! I grew up in the South end of the city so I didn’t make the trek downtown often. If you’re willing to brave the crowds downtown, you can come park at our place and we can walk downtown together!

8. In Your Own Home

engagement photos regina locations lifestyle in home session

If you really LOVE the space that the two of you have built together and turned into your home, why not have a session done there? Maybe your living room window has stunning light in the mid-afternoon. Let’s get cozy together on the couch for some really relaxed portraits. You can bake cookies or cook a meal together, have a pillow fight, build a blanket fort… let’s get creative!

9. Your Favourite Local Park

engagement photos location regina local park lgbt couple

There are SO many green spaces to utilize for your engagement photos in Regina! So many, in fact, that I know that I’ve never been to most of them. Have a favourite park near your house, or even a park you loved to go to as a kid? Let’s go there!

10. Outside the City Limits

engagement photo locations regina outside city limits

Do you know a cool spot just outside the city that you’d love to have your engagement session done at? We’re always down to travel, if you want to plan an adventure session with us, head over to our contact page and send us a note! We don’t charge travel fees within an hour travel time around Regina!

11. And a bonus…

engagement photos regina locations wascana park

OK. In defense of Wascana Park, it REALLY IS a gorgeous place to have your engagement session done. If Wascana Park is your special or favourite place, don’t let that stop you from having your session done there! We’ve done countless sessions in Wascana Park and we’d be happy to suggest some places that we’ve photographed before. We also have some spots we would love to do a session at. While Shawn and I joke with each other that we get two seasons in Regina – winter and summer – the seasons and seasonal changes in Wascana Park are really something to marvel at. My favourite time of year is cherry blossom season in the park.

I hope this helps you come up with some ideas of where you should do your engagement photos in Regina! We love going back to the same locations we’ve done in the past. We’re even more excited to hear of the ideas you come up with on what locations are special to you!

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