Self Care; Boudoir Edition

When’s the last time you did something for yourself? You know, self care?

No, really? Give it some thought. Did you treat yourself to getting your nails done, maybe? A fresh haircut? New pair of jeans? What about just a nice soak in a bubble bath, or a glass of wine or your favourite indica after a long hard day at work?

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up a huge giveaway, during which I talked to a LOT of amazing folks on the phone. During those calls, and during reading through all 500+ questionnaires (yes, really) there was one common thread that I noticed. Not a lot of us take self care time for ourselves. One of the questions I asked? “What was the last thing you did for yourself?” A common answer to that was “I honestly can’t remember”, “it’s been years” or “I never do anything for myself”.


I get it. Life gets crazy busy and it’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos. I won’t lie to you, all of the phone calls I made during our giveaway to chat with the finalists, I was sitting at my desk in my comfiest leggings and stained sweatshirt, hair back in a hairband because I was “too busy” to take the time for myself in the morning. For two weeks straight I got up and sat at my desk from 8 AM until Shawn got home from work at 8 PM trying to stay on top of all the entries, read all the questionnaires, and talk to as many of you amazing people as I could.

The thing you don’t realise though while you’re swept up in all that mess is how much of a toll not taking care of your physical body can take on your mental health, too. Something as simple as just getting in the shower is really all it takes sometimes. And, um… that desk slouch? Yeowch. I really need to do more yoga.

Today? Today I took my time in the shower. I washed my hair and tried out a new styling cream for my curls that I had a sample of. Next I lathered up with some American Cream by Lush (holy moly am I happy we finally have a Lush location in Regina!!). Then I even put on some makeup even though I wasn’t planning on leaving the house (spoiler: I did in the end, to a local coffee shop to write this blog post).

What’s my point?

Well, I noticed something this morning after doing all that. I felt a lot better about myself. I took some selfies, danced with one of my cats, and had a bigger smile on my face than I’ve had in weeks. Here’s the thing… I have body image issues just like everyone else does. It wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t even make eye contact with myself in the mirror. I’ve been there. And I also know how much a boudoir session can help with that lack of self care we all seem to struggle with.

Miss A.’s session was just what she needed for her own self care. People in her past had told her that she wasn’t thin enough or perfect enough. Miss A. wanted to do this for herself to help her find her new confidence. Before her session, she even treated herself to getting her nails done. Taking that time for yourself let alone finding the time for yourself can be so hard. I think you’ll agree with me that Miss A. taking the time out of her schedule to book a session was definitely worth it. Check out some of my favourites as a result of this bombshell’s session below!

Curious about booking your own session? Head here!




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