Shoot and Share Contest Results: Officially an Award-Winning Photographer!

We’re always our own worst critic, right? When I initially entered into this year’s Shoot and Share Contest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The Shoot and Share contest is a worldwide competition that ANYONE can enter, and ANYONE can vote! Free and fair voting, and a free contest? Count me in!

Still, I was nervous and anxious while awaiting the results of the Shoot and Share contest. I voted for probably far too many hours, while voting was open. Seeing all the work from talented photographers across the globe really put into perspective how far I’ve come since I started my journey into photography. How far I still have to go. There were some seriously STUNNING images in the Shoot and Share contest this year. Some of which I truly think should have placed higher than mine did.

I’m truly humbled by my results in the contest in my first year – and it’s given me another push to make my submission for next year even better. Because if we’re not constantly learning and growing, what are we even doing? Let’s create some magic together. Contact me ❤️. 

Scroll to see my results (full numbers in the captions under the images!)


shoot and share contest top 100 photograph of reflection of four trees on the water, horizon obscured by fog, water is still as glass

73rd of 28,552 in Travel / Landscape

shoot and share contest top 10% housecat staring into camera, cross eyed

Placed Top 10% in Pets / Animals – Placed 2,322 / 24,540

Top 10% in The Bride – Placed 625 / 17,868

Top 10% in The Bride – Placed 1,637 / 17,868

Placed Top 10% in Wedding Details – Placed 1,863 / 18,829

shoot and share contest top 20% cat peeking out underneath couch with wide yellow eyes

Top 20% in Pets / Animals – Placed 2,860 / 24,540

shoot and share contest top 20% bride walking through field of wheat in saskatchewan towards sunset

Result: Top 20% in The Bride – Placed 2,667 / 17,868

shoot and share contest top 30% bride looking down at ring on her hand, her hand is on her upper chest, just her nose and smiling mouth can be seen

Top 30% in The Bride – Placed 4,718 / 17,868

shoot and share contest top 30% groom wipes away tear with hanky during wedding ceremony

Top 30% in Emotion / Excitement – Placed 2,717 / 10,613




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