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Why is The Babes Club App $2.49?

When the dream of The Babes Club App started to form, initially I wanted it to be a free community; just like the Facebook group had been for so many years. There is one major thing that you don’t realise when you decide to build an app with no prior experience; and that’s how freakin expensive it actually is to the typical small business owner. It can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars just to start.

When I announced that my free Facebook community would be closing at the end of 2021, I was a little shocked and honestly taken aback by the very loud minority in my community and the backlash that I received from them for my decision. There were accusations of being greedy, of “raking people over the coals” for “every tiny piece of content”. I was told that my group on Facebook “made Facebook a better place”. Which was a fair assessment – but why is it my job to make Facebook a different place? Isn’t that Facebook’s job?

The Real Truth

The real truth is, the number one reason why I decided to opt for a hard paywall into my community was to protect my members from men coming into our space. With the Facebook group, I had absolute control over who was let into the community. There are hundreds of men that I have hit the block button on over the years for requesting access to the group. Some of them even answering “yes” to the question “do you identify as female?” when that was very clearly not the case at all.

With The Babes Club app it’s as easy as downloading the app and creating an account, and then you’re in. If I opted for the free version of my community this would be the case. The hard paywall has deterred each and every single one of the men that have tried to gain access to our space. In fact, when talking with our developer, they said “we recommend” to us to set it up in this way, for this exact reason.

The Babes Club Membership Fee

Our membership fee creates a safe place for our community to exist, beyond the rules of traditional social media platforms. I’m able to freely share my uncensored empowerment session imagery with my members. I no longer live in fear of losing access to my Instagram account.

There are no algorithms to fight against. No threat of “Facebook jail”. And another thing? It kept all of the shit disturbers out, too. Our app has been running for over a year now, and we haven’t had a single case of “Facebook Drama” because the folks that subscribe to that type of life, just didn’t come with us. I honestly credit the monthly price tag for this.

Not only does the membership fee keep our community safe, but it helps me pay for my hosting fees. Which, by the way, I am still not profiting from and in fact am still going out of pocket for. I wanted my fee to be accessible for my members. By doing so, I knew I would be out of pocket for a while.

The community we have created together was never truly for Facebook. It was just the platform that brought us together until it was time to move into our own space.

If you’re interested in checking out our community, head on over to The Babes Club app and see what we have to offer. We’re bringing in special guests every month, have challenges, giveaways, and first access to sales and specials from my online store and Empowerment Sessions.

Your new friends are waiting for you, are you ready to meet them?

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