The Babes Club; Our Future, and the Steps to Get There

I don’t think it came as much of a shock to anyone (or maybe it did!). On the evening of May 5th we went live and announced our move to the mountains. Yes, The Babes Club is moving! Currently our headquarters are in Regina, SK. Shawn and I have decided to make the move to BC  in July of 2022. Why the move? Well, let’s get into what we’re planning next.

The Babes Club: It Started With Boudoir

Over the last six years of being a boudoir photographer, I’ve learned first hand how empowering these sessions can be, life-changing, even. In 2020 I photographed over 70 boudoir sessions and learned the hard way what burnout felt like. Spoiler: It’s Not Fun. The Babes Club has taught me in the last year how much value there is in a community such as this one. The positive and welcoming atmosphere, no bullshit attitude, and safe space to talk about our struggles and triumphs are some of the things that make The Babes Club the great community that it is.

In the last four years of watching how everyone interacts in our community as it grew, I learned a lot about what folks seem to struggle with the most. No big surprise, one of the biggest struggles I’ve noticed over the years is body image and self-worth. Boudoir sessions are a great way to ease the pain of both of these things; but like I said above – there’s only so many shoots per year I can do. I want to help so many more people than I can physically photograph in my studio. I’ve been on my own self-love journey for a long time, and I want to share some of the things I have learned along the way.

Shawn and I have talked at length since the launch of The Babes Club about what we hope the future will bring for us. The next direction we want to take with this community is to host retreats where we can focus on working on our body image. Work on healing our self-talk, and gain the skills we need to empower ourselves.

What’s the plan, then?

Our long-term plan is to move to the mountains in BC and within a couple of years have purchased our dream property. On this property we will host these life-changing retreats. We’ll have guests like yoga instructors, body image coaches, and self-improvement experts. Boudoir sessions in the woods, and a private lakefront for swimming in. Dancing around bonfires at midnight. Quiet spaces to relax, and cozy cabins to stay in. Hiking trails on our property, and mountain peaks in the distance.

I have had the experience of going on a retreat and it changing my life, and I want to bring that feeling to The Babes Club. I want our guests to leave their stay on our property buzzing with electricity. That feeling that comes when you know you’re on the precipice of changing your life forever. When you learn something new about yourself. When you gain some new skills that will propel you into your future.

Why the Mountains?

Shawn and I have always loved the mountains. A few years ago, we photographed a wedding in Kelowna and I think it was that intensely crazy 4 day weekend that really solidified that we wanted – no, needed for the mountains to be in our future. We’ve been talking about moving for a few years now. Planning what the best option for us would be. Our plans have shifted and changed over the last year before finally settling here, on this one. Now is the best time for us to uproot ourselves while we’re still at the beginning of shaping The Babes Club. Now is the perfect time for us. We are building a future and a business together, and that future for us is in British Columbia.

The Babes Club App

That all being said, we’ll have more information on our very first retreat for 2022 coming soon. The members of The Babes Club App will get Exclusive access before opening it up to everyone. Though, I have a feeling that they’ll sell out before we ever have a chance to announce them to the public. 😉 If you want exclusive access to our future retreats, access to special guest lives, and resources to help yourself along your journey of self-empowerment, you’ll want to join our community. Click the link below to get more information on what a membership to The Babes Club App includes.


Thank you so much for all of your support over the years! We wouldn’t be here today without each and every one of you who believed in us along the way. So this is me, Erika Gayle Broom, throwing this out into the universe and manifesting the future we’ve been dreaming of. I cannot wait to show you what we have planned for the future of our community. I think you’re going to really, really like it. 🥰

The Babes Club Future Mountains

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