Travels: Valley of Fire, Nevada

3 Photographers + 1 Car = 1 Valley of Fire Adventure

The first time I went to the Valley of Fire in Nevada was a few years ago. I was in Vegas for my first year at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference. While I was there, I met up with my good friends Rayden and Lisa. Rayden had just proposed to Lisa so some surprise portraits were in order! Unfortunately, our time in the park was limited that day. We only were able to spend about an hour there that time. The next year I was able to spend the ENTIRE DAY in the Valley of Fire. I was so stoked!

This time I went with two of my best buddies from WPPI, Ian Hanson and Alex Dugan, both fellow photographers. We hiked around the majority of the park until we ran out of light and had to return to the car (the park is closed from sunset to sunrise).

Seriously – if you ever have a chance to visit Valley of Fire, Nevada, DO IT! It’s such a gorgeous state park. It’s located not too far from Las Vegas and perfect for a day trip. On the way back to our car, the three of us agreed we could have easily spent a week there just exploring and photographing the beautiful things we came across.

Looking back on these photographs in preparation for this blog post sure made me long for the day that our school bus is done. When it’s done we’ll be travelling all over and I seriously cannot wait!

Have a peek at some of the pictures from our day trip and see for yourself how beautiful this park really is.


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