A DIY Waskesiu Wedding: Waskesiu Wedding Photographer

A DIY Waskesiu Wedding – Kayla and Wallace

by Erika Hodson

December 12, 2018

Kayla and Wallace’s DIY Waskesiu Wedding is a perfect example of do-it-yourself-ing done right. From the fact that Kayla’s mom made her dress. She even used parts of her own vintage gown in the design! To the super cute cake made by Kayla’s sister. Kayla and Wallace proved that doing it all yourself is a sure-fire way to make sure that your wedding has the personal touch you might be looking for. For personal touches on Wallace’s side, they incorporated his grandfather’s cuff links and tie clip, while the watch was originally his father’s. I personally really loved the engraving that Kayla had done on the back. 😊

Kayla and her bridesmaids had their hair done at Fresh Hair. Wallace and his best man got ready in their hotel room at the Hawood Inn in Waskesiu. Kayla and her girls did their own makeup in a cozy and cute rented cabin a few blocks from the hair salon.

First Look Vibes 😍

Before their Waskesiu wedding ceremony, Kayla and Wallace opted-in for a first look. For their first look, Shawn and I scouted out a private clearing by a nearby river. Right after their first look, we went right into portraits with the two of them. Kayla and Wallace had written love letters to each other to be read before their ceremony. So, we found a bench just off the boardwalk and took a private moment to read each other’s letters. The emotions on their faces said it all – these two are nothing but heart-eye emojis for each other. 😍

The two of them have a tradition of having their photo taken with a photo, and replacing that photo in the frame with the newest one. So naturally, they brought that photo and frame along with them. We took the newest photo for that frame on their wedding day! I really love seeing the types of personal touches each of our couples bring to incorporate into their day to make it uniquely “them”.

A Beautiful Day for a Waskesiu Wedding

For their Waskesiu wedding ceremony, we all gathered on South Bay Beach in the afternoon. Their guests all brought their own seating and created an aisle between the two groups. Because it was a public beach, there was a family nearby enjoying the sunny summer day at the beach nearby. The emotions on Kayla’s father’s face while he walked her down the aisle said it all. Rain clouds soon moved in. They were threatening to rain on the ceremony! Thankfully, they held off long enough that we were able to finish all of the family portraits after the ceremony without getting rained on. Overall, their Waskesiu wedding on the beach went off without a hitch.

Kayla and Wallace held their Waskesiu wedding reception at the Hawood Inn and partied well into the evening. There was dancing, and board games for the guests who were less inclined to let loose on the dance floor. I’ve definitely noticed a trend lately with board games being an activity at receptions. Which I think is a great idea!

Right before we packed up and left for the night, I managed to sneak off with Kayla and Wallace for some super sweet end of the night portraits on the balcony of their hotel room. What a perfect way to end the night. 😍

Keep scrolling to see more from Kayla and Wallace’s super personal DIY Waskesiu Wedding! Oh, and if you want more from this amazing couple, don’t forget to check out their Saskatchewan Science Centre Engagement Session we did earlier this year, too!

BUT WAIT… there’s more!

As a funny side-note, I have to mention the luck that Shawn and I had that night. We were making the drive from Waskeisu, back to our hotel room in Prince Albert. To nobody’s surprise other than our own, our tired wedding photographer brains forgot to check the status of our gas tank before leaving town. We were…. dangerously close to running low on fuel. Scrambling, trying to find a gas station that was still open at 10:30 at night up in Northern Saskatchewan.

We were still several kilometres away from the nearest gas station (and had maybe 5km left of gas) when Shawn said “well, this gas station here is where we’re either getting gas, or spending the night”. Let me tell you, I was NOT happy about that concept and made that pretty clear. But, what other option did we really have? We pulled up and thankfully the gas station was still open! So we filled up and were just about on our merry way. While paying, the gas attendant mentioned they were just about to close up early for the night when we pulled up. WHAT KIND OF LUCK IS THAT. Needless to say, we were very happy to stay in our creepy Prince Albert hotel that night instead of spending the night in our vehicle. Phew! Anyway, enough with the stories and words… on to the photographs!



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